Who We Are

The Bahebak Project was founded by peace builders and creative artists, Anna + Azzam. We fuse compassionate communication, art and activism, answering challenges with creativity and love wherever possible. We're grateful to teach and facilitate peace building and compassionate communication in the U.S. and the Middle East, and we're glad to have you with us!


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This Says I Love You: U.S. Couple Addresses Islamophobia with Dialogue and Artivism  This is The Bahebak Project, co-founded by California married couple, a Muslim Palestinian and a Jewish American...

As a creative duo, our artivism (art + activism) sometimes goes under the name Majnun Habibi. What's up with the name?

Majnun (mahj-noon) means crazy in Arabic. A little bit wild. Said with adoration. We consider it a compliment.

Habibi (hah-bee-bee) is a common Arabic term of endearment that literally means my beloved. It's used for friends, loved ones and acquaintances alike. 

Majnun and Habibi are two words we use a lot for each other.

We also draw inspiration from the classic romantic tale, Layla and Majnun. When Qays falls unselfconsciously head over heels for Layla, the locals rename him Majnun Layla (Crazy for Layla). This story has influenced artists and mystics alike.

Majnun Habibi means Crazy for My Beloved. And that includes you.