Help Me Change the Conversation

The new administration just banned seven Arab Muslim countries from entering the States. We get it, you don't know us, so you're afraid of us. You don't know how beautiful our culture, language, religion is, so you fear us. 

We're people like you, we care about our families, our beloved ones, care about other people, and seek peace and safety in our lives.

To all my dear friends on social media and real life, it's time to change the conversation, from fear to love. Help me to change it by posting this picture on your Facebook wall, or even by changing your profile picture. 
Be an ally by spreading love.



Majnun Habibi

p.s. If you can, buy a tote bag with the Bahebak artwork, to support this movement and walk proudly in the world, showing we stand together for love and solidarity.


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  • We listened and now have stickers and car decals! :) Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

    The Bahebak Project
  • You guys should sell stickers/car decals :)


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