As a Palestinian Muslim who speaks Arabic, I co-founded the Bahebak Project with my beloved partner Anna to share the Arabic language and the loving expressions that reflects my beautiful culture. We experienced, and have heard friends share about, many instances of people responding with fear to Arabic language and culture. We wanted to speak without fear. We wanted to spread love. This project organically evolved into including our work connecting Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugee families to resources, and peace building across differences. We hope you enjoy spreading love and solidarity with us. ~Azzam, The Bahebak Project

The Bahebak Project

You can Change the Conversation.

The Bahebak Project is a peacebuilding response to prejudice.

We help recent Arabic-speaking immigrant families get the resources they need - from food to English language classes to connecting with community.

We teach Peace Building Across Differences to mitigate the impact of future emergencies.

Bahebak (pronounced: bah-HEH-back) means "I Love You" in Arabic. 

Wearing the Bahebak design shows the world we stand together for love and solidarity.